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Privacy and compliance are our top priorities

Businesses love HireScore for its ease of use, legal compliance, and excellent customer support. It's ideal for businesses of all sizes looking to make smarter hiring decisions.

HireScore uses powerful, industry-leading technology to help you make the best-possible hiring decisions

See your applicants ranked based on their specific aptitude for each job you're hiring for

Fully legally-compliant and validated assessments to give you peace of mind

Super simple pricing with no contract or hidden fees of any kind

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"With HireScore our selection process is now legally compliant, accurately assesses skill sets, and sets a standard of excellence for employee selection that we could not have achieved alone!"

Cynthia Stanley, BP Alaska

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You'll love HireScore too. Here's why...

There is no tool more powerful or effective than HireScore to help your HR staff make the right hiring decisions for your business.

HireScore gives your HR super powers

Take the guesswork out of hiring

HireScore has been proven time and again to result in significantly better hires no matter the nature or difficulty of the job.

Legally defensible and validated assessments

Legally defensible and validated assessments are critical. HireScore is fully compliant with the latest laws for your company's industry.

What does using HireScore mean for you?

Reduced Turnover

Improved Workplace Safety

Improved Productivity

HireScore has been proven to frequently reduce employee turnover by 75% or more.

Integrates into both small and large organizations to minimize turnover.

Can be used to reduce turnover across a wide variety of positions.

HireScore significantly improves your ability to predict which applicants are most likely to be safe in any scenario.

Includes a comprehensive set of safety-focused measurement tools.

Trusted where safety matters most--Marathon, BP, Tesoro, and Lundin Mining all trust HireScore to select the safest employees.

Do more with less by hiring more productive employees.

HireScore identifies applicants with high character who work both hard and smart and embrace continual improvement.

Boost your bottom line by hiring better employees where productivity matters.

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Businesses love HireScore for its ease of use, quick and clear applicant ranking, and exceptional customer support.

Whether you have a company of 10 or 10,000, hiring the right people is critical

Our flexible platform is design to work for companies of any size and any hiring volume. Whether you need to hire one office receptionist or a thousand highly-skilled plant workers, HireScore allows you to make the best choice every time.

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Applicants love HireScore for its straightforward job application process, ranking objectivity, and ease of use.

An intuitive online dashboard that shows your applicants ranked

Instant comparison of job applicant scores for key assessments

Baseline Hirescore generated from individual assessments shows overall best candidates, with acceptable hires shaded green

Leave notes, flag candidates, and sort candidates using our highly user-friendly interface

See your applicants ranked based on their specific aptitude for each job you're hiring for.

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HR managers love HireScore for its legal defensibility, powerful custom applicant assessment, and instant ranking.

Simple pricing structure with no nickel and diming

$600/month per job for unlimited hiring

Unlimited applicants

How is the monthly assessment price calculated?

Complete onboarding

Custom job board site

No setup fees

HireScore Portal access

Priority customer support

Posting to major job boards

Full applicant reports

+ And more...

Everything you need to easily assess and hire better employees!

That's right, no hidden fees. This includes:

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